Talking about the things we don't talk about

"Finding Hope" provides a series of resources aimed at building awareness and support around things that we often don’t talk about, but are exceptionally important: suicide, addiction, domestic violence, abuse, and mental illness.

We are all interconnected; we might be facing one of these areas personally, we might be supporting a loved one who is impacted. These topics are so important and so impactful that we are challenged to gather together in community in striving to prevent their devastating impact and responding with compassion when impact is unavoidable. Together, we can expand the compassionate response and help prevent the devastating impact.

“Finding Hope” is about showing up. It is about connecting with others and finding love within as we navigate life's biggest challenges. The content in this book is compiled with love and a heartfelt prayer that we might each find a bit more hope. That we might rally the strength and courage to take the next step, to ask for help, to reach out and offer help, and to be gentle with ourselves.

Contents of the book

  • Week One: Finding Safety
  • Week Two: Caring Presence
  • Week Three: Courageous Presence
  • Week Four: Self Compassion
  • Week Five: Engage Support
  • Plus a rich appendix of articles and resources on these topics