The Writings talk about how heaven is a kingdom of uses. Heaven is a place where each person is doing what she or he loves best. Heaven is a place where you discover what your deepest gifts and talents are and have the opportunity to use them to serve others. Look at this model and think about how we can be looking towards that heavenly ideal here on earth. As a church community we have an opportunity to operate in a way that is looking towards heavenly ideals and principles.

Heaven and Hell 387 talks about how there is no way even to list all the different functions that people have in heaven because they are innumerable and varied. What does this teaching mean for us and our interactions with our spiritual community? The first thing that comes to mind is that we need to have a variety of ways for people to serve within our church community.

In each spiritual community there are many different roles that people can fill. Many focus around the Sunday morning service, roles as small group leaders, Board members, Pastor’s and Outreach Council members, choir members, cleaning and lawn care, etc. I encourage each of you to find the areas that interest you and make you excited to serve. And maybe there are other ways that you can give to this community that aren’t on the volunteer roster yet. Are there areas that you feel excited about participating in? Is there a group that you’ve always wished was happening? A project that you would love to see displayed at the church building? An event that you’ve bee mulling around in your brain and would be thrilled to see put into action?

Move forward on your ideas and dreams. If there is something that you feel passionate about that you want to give to this church community we want to provide a space for you to give it.