Program guide

The content for each week of the program includes activities to use with a small group (or with a friend or spouse), and special features to support marriage relationships. We encourage you to take time to reflect on your own life and the implications of the lessons presented in the Exodus story.

Below is a synopsis of the weekly topics:

Week 1: discovering when we are stuck

Identify any behaviors, thought or emotions that hold you back and enslave you.
Identify times in your life are areas of your life in which you are stuck: What holds you back? Where do you feel you are trapped or enslaved? Identify any behaviors, thoughts or emotions that are destructive to your life. When do they come up for you? What are their patterns? What are the excuses/lies you use to defend these behaviors? Do these habits have control over your life? Are you a slave to them? Once you have recognized ways that you are stuck in life you are ready for the possibility of moving out of the enslavement.

Week 2: listening for God's voice

Be still and listen for the voice of the Lord through reflection and reading the Word.
This week take time to hear the voice of the Lord and see His leading in your life. What is the message of hope that the Lord has for you in the face of enslaving thoughts, habits, and behaviors? Your task this week is to listen for the Lord God by spending time by yourself on a walk, sitting quietly, praying, or meditating. When faced with a challenge in a relationship, at home or at work, pause and listen for the message the Lord God has for you. Read the Word with these thoughts in mind "What is the message for me? How does this move me forward on my spiritual journey?"

Week 3: go forward

Hear God's message and then take action to move forward and obey His voice.
This week listen for the Lord's direction and consider how He is asking you to "Go forward." Notice the fears that hold you back. Be still and pray to the Lord to give you the courage to step forward and the trust that He will provide for and guide you. Consider what concrete step you can take that will help you move closer to God, heaven, and freedom? Take that meaningful step forward and observe how you feel and the work the Lord does in your life.

Week 4: look for the good

The Lord is bringing goodnes out of difficult, hard, and bitter experiences in your life.
Consider the Lord’s eternal perspective on your life and look for the good in all situations. Even the hard truths and challenging situations in life are opportunities for growth. When you have a difficult experience, look for the good that can be brought out of it. What might the Lord be teaching you through these experiences?

Week 5: showing gratitude

Acknowledge and show gratitude for the blessings the Lord brings into your life every day.
This week look for the ways the Lord is present in each day. Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open. Look for the manna. When you feel empty and spiritually hungry for happiness in your life, pray "give us this day our daily bread. Lord help me to recognize the bread (goodness and blessings) in my life." When counting your blessings, it is also important to take action and make your gratitude known. It is useful not only to think about how we appreciate someone, but to actually show our appreciation. The same is true with God. Take time to talk about the blessings in your life with others. Take time to praise Him for His great gifts.

Week 6: offer and accept support that helps to focus on the Lord

Help others striving to focus on the Lord and accept support on your own journey.
This week look to your spiritual community (friends, neighbors, spouse, family, mentors) to help keep your focus on the Lord. When facing challenges, reach out to your spiritual community and receive support and accountability as you walk your spiritual path. Ask for reminders of what is most important as you work on being a better person. Remember that you are not alone on your journey. Also, take time to recognize and offer the gifts and strengths you have to support your friends and neighbors in their spiritual work.

Week 7: choosing to follow the Lord

When we let go of what enslaves us and follow the Lord, we grow spiritually.
When we let go of the negative habits, attitudes, emotions, and thought patterns that hold us back, then we can receive wisdom, strength, and courage from the Lord for our journey. Make a commitment to continue this journey from bondage to freedom and to open your mind and heart to receive the Lord’s blessings.