Sermon lessons for each week are available, below, from our website.

Week 1

The Courage To Grow, by David Lindrooth

Living Courageously, Part 1: Identifying Our Motives, by David Roth

Fed By Ravens, by Matthew Genzlinger

Week 2

Serving God First, by Jeremy Simons

Serving God First, by Matthew Genzlinger

Week 3

Meditate on the Word, by Glenn (Mac) Frazier

Finding New Truth, by Matthew Genzlinger

Revive Me According To Your Word, by Grant Odhner

Week 4

Fire from Heaven, by Ray Silverman

Making a Choice, by Matthew Genzlinger

Your Higher Purpose, by Glenn (Mac) Frazier

Week 5

What Are You Doing Here?, by Thomas Kline

Living Courageously 5, by Glenn (Mac) Frazier

Finding Courage, by Matthew Genzlinger

Week 6

Realization & Repentance: Be Like Ahab?, by Scott Frazier

Convicted by Conscience, by Matthew Genzlinger

Spiritual Offspring, by Tom Rose

Week 7

Elijah Ascends Into Heaven, by Matthew Genzlinger

Elijah's Mantle, by Stephen Cole

Living Courageously, Part 7: The Power Of The Word, by David Roth