Bible study & application framework

How to use the framework

These steps are designed to give you a framework for reading the Word in a personal, relevant, inspiring way.

Plan to spend at least a few minutes on each step of the framework. Remember, through each step of the process, pray. Let this be a time for connection between you and the Lord.

For each day in this workbook, we have provided specific comments or questions. However, if a specific day’s direction doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to pick a different direction. Make it work for you.

We hope that by providing this study and application framework, you will have an opportunity to delve into God’s Word in a tangible and active way.

Read – what do these passages say?

  • Notice things about the literal story that jump out at you and write them down to remember later.
  • Notice any questions or confusion you have.
  • Notice things you might want to explore further.

Study – what do these passages mean?

  • Is there a particular word or phrase that seems to be the main message of this passage?
  • Study the inner meaning of this passage. Some potential study sites:
  • What other Biblical passages come to mind on this theme?
  • Choose a phrase and meditate on it. See what insights the Lord brings to you.

Reflect – What do these passages mean to me?

  • What are the words of comfort, guidance, challenge, or wisdom that the Lord is offering hers?
  • What situation in your life is the Lord speaking to through His Word?

Serve – what does it call me to do?

  • What action do you feel inspired to take today?