About Journey Programs

New Church "Journey Programs" (spiritual growth programs) are relevant, step-by-step, Bible-based programs designed to assist you in growing spiritually and applying God's teachings to your everyday life.

Each program provides a clear approach for reading, discussing, experiencing and celebrating spiritual transformation. They focus on a story or theme from the Bible, with insights and opportunities for reflection on how we can apply the stories to our lives and our individual spiritual journeys. Programs generally run for seven weeks and provide an opportunity to integrate any or all of 3 main components: daily readings; individual reflection or small group discussion; and weekly worship. They are geared for either small groups, or for individual study and growth. They're also great for doing with your "significant other."

The New Church creates a new Journey program each year, and runs the new program in participating congregations. The upcoming program is called Practicing Forgiveness.

Each of the previous programs is available for individual study at any time by subscribing to receive a daily email with the content.

Explore, or sign up for the Journey Programs to find one to use for individual study, or for study with your small group. If you're interested in running one of these programs with your congregation, contact us for more information.