For Program Leaders

Bible Study. Small Groups. Worship. Read. Discuss. Live. Grow. Celebrate.

What is New Church Journey?

New Church Journey is all about advancing your spiritual path. We provide a variety of programs to support people in applying God’s teachings to their everyday lives. Most New Church Journey programs provide workbooks, a sermon series and small group materials to create an opportunity for reading, discussion and application of spiritual principles to life.

How can it impact your church?

As a leader of a church, we understand that systems and structure to support your guiding and leading your congregation are important. In addition to content to support sermon series, small groups and individual study, we have also created materials to help you promote and invite people to your New Church Journey effort. Over the years we have observed beautiful growth in individuals, couples, families, small groups and churches as people have joined together with a focus on God and reading the Bible. Take a look below and find out how you can involve your church, small group, or organization in this life-changing experience.

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Resources for leaders

Free and downloadable resources for new leaders, seasoned leaders, or those interested in a small group system in their church.