The Foundations program is your introduction to the teachings of the New Church. This is an interactive experience designed to serve people who are exploring questions about God, life after death, the Bible, and spiritual growth, and are interested in the New Church perspective on these ideas.

This is a seven-week program. Each week will feature a different lesson and reflections.

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The program has been organized to explore one topic each week. There are foundational teachings, readings, etc. for each topic which have been broken up to allow you to explore a portion on each separate day. Most days provide a "Reflection" for you to consider.

Weekly topics

Read an overview of each week of the program:

  • Week 1: the purpose of life
  • Week 2: honoring the Lord's presence
  • Week 3: seeking guidance from God's Word
  • Week 4: living and growing spiritually
  • Week 5: spiritual community
  • Week 6: serving the needs of others
  • Week 7: New Church background

If you prefer, you can also purchase a hardcopy version of the Foundations workbook or leader's guide.