Pause: Make Space for God

How do we experience the presence of the Lord?

Pause: Make Space for God brings some breathing room back into our day, giving us a chance to consciously renew and strengthen our relationship with God. This program asks us to designate a portion of time every day to explore the Bible and listen for God’s messages, to ask meaningful questions and to experience the presence of the Lord in a new and powerful way.

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Weekly topics

Pause-coverThis seven week program explores Biblical answers to a new topic each week:

  • How Does God Speak to Me?
  • Why Did God Create Me?
  • Who is Jesus and How Does He Relate to My Life?
  • How Does the Lord Work in My Life?
  • What Does the Lord Want from Me?
  • How Do I Follow the Lord?
  • How Does the Lord Want Me to Serve Others?

Elements of the program

As with all of the Journey programs, you can use the materials in a variety of ways:

  1. Read the materials, using either the workbook, or by subscribing to receive the daily emails.
  2. Meet in a small group to study, discuss, and learn from each other.
  3. Run the program for a congregation, using all the elements below.

Daily readings

Daily Bible study is a wonderful and enriching way to ground your spiritual growth work. The workbook provides ideas for daily reading from scripture, along with suggestions for bringing these ideas into life.

Small groups

A small group is a gathering of people who commit to meet on a weekly basis to explore their faith and support each other in applying that faith to life. Small groups usually include prayer, a time for checking in, and discussions or related activities.