Free and downloadable resources for new leaders, seasoned leaders, or those interested in a small group system in their church.

Getting started

Not entirely sure what small groups are or what benefits they have for you and/or your church? We have a collection of resources, worksheets, and diagrams to help you start up a small group or small group ministry in your area.

Content for small group leaders

Whether you’re a new small group leader, or a seasoned leader, here is a list of content you can explore with your small group, as well as resources to help you hone in on the focus of your small group, and build up your skills as a leader.

  • Journey Programs — Bible study programs designed to be done on a congregational level, small group level, and or individual level
  • New Christian Resources  online store containing small group content and resources, with various free downloads
  • New Church Connection Small Group Outlines — small group outlines spreading over a wide variety of subjects (such as forgiveness, world religions, different life stages, exploration of Scripture, etc)
  • Thanksgiving Community Questions (Seasonal) — A list of community-building questions you could incorporate in a Thanksgiving service or event, or even as a family activity over the holiday dinner.
  • Inventory New Church Small Groups Content — A list of various series developed by General Church Outreach, sorted by topic, length, and various small group elements.


Have an idea for content? Want to brainstorm ideas of implementing small groups where you are? Contact us at [email protected]!