Shift: small changes, big difference.

Although painful at times, struggle often signifies the beginning of change.

Whether it’s relationship issues, financial concerns, bad habits, we all struggle. And fortunately, we all have the God-given power to shift our focus, our perspective and our priorities, which can lead to exciting life changes. But why do this alone?

Shift is a seven-week spiritual growth program in which participants learn about themselves, about God, and about how to make shifts in their lives. The program draws on the Jacob story from the Old Testament. Here is your chance to offer your struggles before the Lord, and watch them turn to blessings.

You may use this program either with your group, your friends, or individually, to discover new spiritual insights about your life which will help you feel closer to the Lord.

Weekly topics

Shift workbookThis seven week program explores Biblical answers to a new topic each week:

  • A shift of awareness: Notice the conflicts
  • A shift of perspective: Remember the Lord is here, now
  • A shift of focus: Keep in mind who you want to be
  • A shift of expectations: Have patience with the process
  • A shift of motivation: Recognize when it's time to make a change
  • A shift of confidence: Hold on through the wrestling
  • A shift of heart: Show your love

Elements of the program

As with all of the Journey programs, you can use the materials in a variety of ways:

  1. Read the materials, using either the workbook, or by subscribing to receive the daily emails.
  2. Meet in a small group to study, discuss, and learn from each other.
  3. Run the program for a congregation, using all the elements below.

Daily readings

Daily Bible study is a wonderful and enriching way to ground your spiritual growth work. The workbook provides ideas for daily reading from scripture, along with suggestions for bringing these ideas into life.

Small groups

A small group is a gathering of people who commit to meet on a weekly basis to explore their faith and support each other in applying that faith to life. Small groups usually include prayer, a time for checking in, and discussions or related activities.

  • No small groups in your area? Start your own! It’s easy with the step-by-step Small Group Leaders Guide, and enriching Participant Activity Pages located in each Shift workbook.

Weekly worship

Each week, worship service and Sunday School sessions focus on one topic of the Path of Integrity program.