Sharing your faith

It is a peaceful evening in a small town in Ghana, West Africa. A young man stands in a parking lot talking to two members of the New Church. Although he has never heard New Church teachings before, he comprehends them as if he had been reading the Writings for years. “How do you view the Lord?” he asks with eager curiosity. When he hears that, in the New Church, people worship not three different gods, but only One True God, he becomes excited and exclaims, “You mean the One God has three levels, like our body, our soul and our actions?” “Exactly,” the church members reply, astounded at his understanding. An hour later, the young man asks for some books from the Writings and says he wants to start coming to church.

A newly married couple, enthralled with each other and the ideals of marriage, begin looking for books to enhance their knowledge on love an relationships. They find a book by Emanuel Swedenborg – one that expresses new concepts about true married love. Inspired by the ideas, they soon feel that there is more to this book than what appears at first glance. Later, they discover other books of the Writings and then the organized church. Today this couple and their family are active members of the New Church.

A woman in her late thirties, married to a wonderful man, and the mother of three young children, searches for a group of people with whom she can grow spiritually. She’s had struggles in her life, coming out of a dysfunctional family and striving to live with purpose and clarity. She was raised in the Catholic Church and hasn’t had much contact with a church in years.

As her children start asking questions about God she and her husband feel strongly that they want to find a church to attend with their children, and where they can feel comfortable. They begin by looking in the newspaper and trying out different churches each Sunday. The first few they go to are not appealing, but on their fourth Sunday, they arrive at the New Church. Something about the group appeals to them. They find the sermon interesting and applicable. They enjoy the people they meet and the way they are welcomed in. Soon they begin learning about the teachings of the church and what they find makes sense and touches them. “This is what I’ve always believed!” the woman says excitedly. “I’ve known since I was a small child that there is a heaven and a hell, and that they are much more real and present than we think. I’ve felt that God is one and that God is complete love. Finally I have found a church that teaches this.”

In each of these situations, the people were excited about the teachings of the New Church and found that these teachings helped change their lives Many people connected to the New Church also have this excitement and want to share it, but don’t know how or feel inadequate. Yet it is important to share the joy that you find in the New Church with others. The Lord tells us to let our light shine, not put it under a basket. Share something that makes a difference in your life with other people. Have the conversation. Invite them to church. If it works for you, it may work for someone else.