Journey to Freedom

Journey to Freedom (also known as Journey: Realizing Spiritual Freedom) is an eight (8) week program of materials. This program is a journey to learn about the deeper meaning of the Exodus story and apply what you learn to your life.

Weekly topics

  • Journey-to-Freedom-coverWeek 1: Slavery in Egypt
  • Week 2: At the Burning Bush
  • Week 3: Crossing the Red Sea
  • Week 4: Bitter Water and Water from the Rock
  • Week 5: Manna in the Wilderness
  • Week 6: Battles on the Journey
  • Week 7: Receiving the Ten Commandments
  • Week 8: Conclusion

The New Church teaches that each story of the Bible contains an inner, symbolic meaning that mirrors our every struggle and every triumph. This inner meaning was given in the 18th century through Emanuel Swedenborg and is taught in New Church congregations around the world. This is an opportunity to make positive change in your life. When you focus on your personal and spiritual growth, the impact is greater than your efforts because the Lord is working with you. You will see changes not only in yourself, but also in your relationships with friends, spouse, family, co-workers, etc.

This program does not yet have the content available through an email subscription, but you can purchase a hardcopy version of the Journey: Realizing Spiritual Freedom workbook or leader's guide.